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Marine Barbecues – The Galleymate

Our extremely high quality barbecue designs and outstanding manufacturing have won us many awards, particularly in the marine environment, where our barbecues are recognised as being amongst the very best worldwide.
The Galleymate range is made from marine stainless steel. These stainless steel barbecues, have a viewing window and two separate stainless steel gas burners. They can be used as a barbecue, a stove-top or an oven (using our optional Cooking Rack). We know of no other marine or boat barbecue which can give such variety of cooking alternatives.
For those planning to mount the barbecue onto your boat, we have the very best mounting systems that can be adapted to any boat design.

“There is not a boat that we can’t fit”

  • Now with Flame Failure 
  • Extremely solid construction
    (marine grade stainless steel)
  • Barbecue, oven and cooktop all in one
    (with optional Cooking Rack)
  • Large range of accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 separate burners
  • Heat resistant glass window
Galleymate 1100 marine barbecues

Galleymate 1100 (2 burner)

AUD $799 incl GST (standard with full stainless Plate)
AUD $899 incl GST (with 1/2 Grill & 1/2 Solid plate)
AUD $950 incl GST (with full Grill Plate)

Ideal for a small boat as the barbecue can be mounted in your rod holder. 
Will cook for 4-6 people. Can be used for barbecues on your boat, camping or home entertaining.

Galleymate 1500 marine barbecues

Galleymate 1500 (2 burner)

AUD $1150 incl GST (standard with full stainless hotplate)
AUD $1250 incl GST (with 1/2 Grill & 1/2 Solid plate)
AUD $1300 incl GST (with Full Grill plate)

The Galleymate 1500 uses twin stainless steel burners that are completely protected from the wind. It generates 20,000 BTUs and can also be used with our spit roast/rotisserie option. The Galleymate 1500 is ideal for boating, recreational and home use, you can cook for up to 10 people.

Galleymate 2000 marine barbecues

Galleymate 2000 (2 burner)

AUD $1500 incl GST (standard with full stainless hotplate)
AUD $1600 incl GST (with 1/2 Grill & 1/2 Solid plate)
AUD $1650 incl GST (with Full Grill plate)

The Galleymate 2000 barbecue is of the same style as the 1100 and 1500 only much larger. This barbecue cooks up a feast for up to 10- 15 people so is ideal for the big crowd on your houseboat, yacht or cruiser.


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