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Caring For Your Barbecue

To avoid voiding your warranty, see our tips below.

Our barbecues are very HOT – two and a half times hotter than you are probably used to. You do not need to warm the barbecue up.

You have bought me, you obviously love me so please DON’T LEAVE ME UNATTENDED!

Care and Seasoning of the Stainless Steel Hotplate

Before using any of our stainless steel hotplates for the first time, we recommend you firstly thoroughly wash and dry, then season it by applying a light coat of cooking or vegetable oil. Light the burner and set on low heat and allow the hotplate to CURE for about 3 minutes. Add rock salt and vigorously rub into the oil on your hotplate and leave for a couple of minutes. Once cool give it a rinse and your SEASONED hotplate is now ready for your first barbecue. It is preferable to apply a light coat of cooking oil to the hotplate each time to help prevent food from sticking to the surface. Even though the cooking surfaces are stainless steel, after use leave a coating of oil on the hot plate or grill, this will help protect it from corrosion.


  • Have propane gas cylinder (LP units) filled by authorised supplier.
  • Check all gas line connections for leaks with soapy water solution prior to lighting and tighten until bubbles disappear.
  • Turn the gas off promptly should you be unable to light the barbecue immediately.
  • Wait a full 5 minutes before attempting to light again.
  • Have proper tools, tongs, oven mittens etc ready for use prior to removing hot foods.
  • Trim excess fat from meats to minimise excess fat spatter. This is almost essential with Grill Plates to avoid flare ups.
  • Let the appliance cool before cleaning.
  • Be careful not to have the heat control too high.  Lower settings may be preferable.
  • These barbecues are designed to produce high temperatures to perform well in inclement weather conditions.


  • DON’T install the appliance any closer than 100mm on sides or 200mm on rear or front, to any combustible surface, or under any unprotected overhead combustible construction.
  • DON’T touch surfaces of the appliance while cooking.  They can become very hot.
  • DON’T attempt any adjustment of the regulator.  It has been preset and tested.
  • DON’T allow the LP gas cylinder to lie on its side.  Keep in an upright position.
  • DON’T turn a control knob on until a lighted match is inserted in the lighting hole (manual ignition only).
  • DON’T use plastics or untempered glass utensils in the appliance.
  • DON’T wear long, loose, flowing clothing or long hair around the barbecue.
  • DON’T use caustic materials to clean barbecue parts.

Maintenance and Servicing After Use

Little or no maintenance is required on these units other than the cleaning tasks listed below.

It is recommended the appliance be cleaned after every use after turning burners and gas supply off. Allow to cool slightly before wiping the surface with warm soapy water. For more stubborn deposits use a non-caustic environmentally friendly spray-on cleaner, (oven cleaner) scrape and wipe the hotplate clean.

Periodic Cleaning

It is recommended that every 12 months the burners are removed thoroughly washed in hot soapy water and dried.

Repairs Enquiries

On advice from our Insurers and the Australian Gas Association:

  • When supplying gas valves, piezo and electrodes with cable these must be installed by a certified licensed Australian Gas fitter.
  • We are more than happy to service your BBQ, just drop it to our factory in Taylors Beach.
  • If you have to freight it to us please remove the hotplate and and lid, give the barbecue a thorough clean.
  • For best results use oven cleaner then wash off with warm soapy water.
  • We charge $100 to clean your barbecue as if it is not clean we cannot service it.
  • An average service of replacing 2 valves etc is $250 plus freight.