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Sizzler MAX (2 burner)


AGA Approved! with “Flame Failure Device’s” fitted to both burner’s

AUD $800 incl GST with s/s solid plate
AUD $900 incl GST with s/s ½ grill & ½ solid plate
AUD $950 incl GST with s/s Full grill plate

Special offer AUD $850 incl. GST (w/ solid s/s plate and Cooking Rack)

This is an extremely versatile and compact cooking appliance, taking up less than half the space of most of its competitors, is ideal to use when fitted in your “Tunnel Boot” on one of our Swivel Sides! Yes, it fits with space to spare. With our optional Cooking Rack, it can be used either as a barbecue, a cooktop, or oven. The Sizzler Max comes standard with a solid stainless steel hot plate, flame failure device fitted to each burner and will cook for 6-8 people.

  • Cooks for 6-8 people
  • LPG &  propane
  • 2 Burners
  • Weight – 15kg
  • BTUs – 20,000 or 21 megajoules
  • Dimensions – Height: 260mm, Depth: 400mm, Width: 530mm
  • Cooking surface – Depth: 350 mm, Width: 440mm


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Installation Options

The Sizzler MAX, Sizzler Deluxe High Lid and Low Lid can be mounted onto one of our custom built Slide Systems. We have 4 available; The Low Profile Straight Slide, Quick Release Straight Slide, Quick Release Swivel Slide and The Generator Slide systems.

To check if the BBQ & slide will fit your compartment, download specification sheet.

Optional Accessories

Stainless Steel Hotplates

All our barbecues come with a choice of cooking surfaces. The Stainless Steel hotplates and are virtually indestructible.

For the gourmet cook we have Stainless Steel half or full grill hotplates which are ideal for those who want to cook over a flame grill. These hot plates require the attachment of flame dispersers fitted to the standard burners.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel LPG (Propane) Gas Bottles

Additional information

Sizzler MAX packages incl GST

Non-stick plate, S/s solid plate, S/s ½ grill & ½ solid plate, s/s Full grill plate, Special Offer (s/s place and Cooking Rack)