2019 Barbecue Parts Guide

Prices as at 1st February 2019.

All prices include GST. Please be advised on advice from our Insurers and the Australian Gas Association, our Certifiers. Where Caravan and Marine Barbecues supply parts, these parts must be installed by a certified licensed Australian Gas fitter. Caravan and Marine Barbecues accept no responsibility for any repairs or alterations to their products that have not been completed in their factory.

In light of the above, if your barbecue has square legs we are no longer able to supply parts.

For us to help you best, please photograph the back and control panel side of your barbecue so we can ascertain model and age; plus individual photos of the parts you wish to replace. Please email these images to



Gas Burners

SMALL SIZE: Sizzlers, Galleymate’s 1000, 1100 and 1500 are 440mm or 17 1⁄4 in
Galleymate 2000 are (527mm or 20 3⁄4 in)
*WELDED BRACKET: Welded brackets for cable & electrode extra $20, please check ends.

BBQ Plate Options

Plate sizes:

Sizzler & Galleymate 1000/1100 – 440mm x250mm
Galleymate 1500 – 440mm x 350mm
Galleymate 2000 – 525mm x 365mm

Drip Trays

Sizzler Lids