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Can your old Sizzler be up graded?

Unfortunately NOT!

All our Sizzler BBQ’s are fitted with “thermo” couplers!

A thermo coupler device is designed to cut off the gas supply should the flame go out. (Flame Failure Device)
This enables the Sizzler to be connected to your bayonet fitting on your Caravan or RV!

Can your old Sizzler be up graded?

Unfortunately NOT!

The reason is even though the New Sizzler may look the same we had to undertake a “major” redesign to accommodate the new technology!

Firstly room for the new valves had to be made in the control panel.

Secondly we installed an aluminium silica wall between the burners and the valves to reduce heat. To further reduce heat many new ventilation holes were put in the control panel and at the rear of the BBQ.

Last but not least the BBQ had to be totally recertified by the Australian Gas Association.

What if my BBQ won’t stay alight?

1. Press/pump with palm of hand 3 or 4 times on the control knobs to loosen the gas valves.

2. Press, turn  and ” hold the control knob in” for 10 to 15 seconds (count to 15) before starting the BBQS

3. Check gas burners air vent (see photo) open approx. 2mm


4. If your BBQ will not stay alight, it could be the position of the Thermo Coupler. All our BBQ’s are fitted with a flame failure device called a “Thermo Coupler” You need to check the Thermocoupler, (brass pointed Heat Probes) position (see Photo below) these are attached to the gas burners and can sometimes move in transit. Loosen the two nuts using two spanners and reposition as per the photo Check each thermocouple and make sure it is about 2- 3mm away from the burner and above a gas hole (see Photo below)


The “Thermocoupler” needs to be in the flame to heat up to keep the BBQ alight.

position of thermo coupler

Starting Procedures

Starting Procedures.

  1. Press/pump with palm of hand 3 to 4 times on the control knobs to loosen the gas valve.
  2. Press/ turn and “hold the control knob in” for 10 to 15 seconds (count to 10) before starting/ igniting the BBQ
  3. Your BBQ needs gas to operate! There are actually two gas components per burner one is for the flame thrower (the lighter) and the other is for the Burner. The Flame thrower (lighter) will light immediately but the Burners needs much more gas. Depending on the length of your gas hose, holding the control knob down on initial lighting is very important! Press control knob in for at least 5 to 10 seconds (count to 15).

For models with flame failure valves: Depress the control knob and slowly turn in an anti-clockwise direction to the high position, (9 o’clock), this will activate the piezo ignition system on the valve and ignite the burner. Once the burner is lit, continue to keep the valve depressed for 20 seconds, (to activate the valve safety mechanism), then release; the burner should remain alight. If the burner goes out, wait 5 minutes and re-attempt. If the auto ignition system fails a 40mm match may be used to light the burner via the inspection hole on the left side of the unit

View Lighting Instructions

Download “Instruction Manual”

BBQ not lighting or going out!

BBQ not lighting or going out!

We have had a few customers sending back BBQ’s that they say wont light or stay alight! On receiving these BBQ’s we immediately connect them to our 9KG gas bottle with “our” regulator hose for testing.

In MOST cases the BBQ performs to specification and certification!

To help get to the bottom of this situation we consulted the Australian Gas Association our certifier!  Their advice is as follows:

The BBQ is Certified to a gas flow which matches the Gas flow of a typical RV and or Caravan Installation of 2.75 MPa to 3 Megapascals. In a Caravan the gas line in some cases is not to specification starving the BBQ of GAS!

Gas lines are only tested for leaks, not flow, we suggest that you get your gas installation tested at the Bayonet for flow (2.75 to 3 Megapascals). A low 9KG Gas bottle will have the same effect.

Connecting the BBQ directly to a 9 kg Gas Cylinder with a Regulator & Hose is your best test.

The BBQ is designed to work with a hot plate in position or with the LID closed when used as an oven.

Starting Procedures:

View Lighting Instructions

Download “Instruction Manual”

How can I control the heat on my barbecue?

All of OUR Barbecues have two separate burners and control valves giving you maximum control with minimal fuss.

We have designed the barbecues to have plenty of heat, knowing that often they are being used in a harsh environment.

Each Burner generates 11,000 BTU’s (British Thermal units). Giving you a total of 20 to 22,000 BTU’s. Yes! They are very HOT!

You DO NOT have to preheat our BBQ’s. Please Don’t. They are operational in 90 to 120 seconds.

Unlike other BBQ’s you may be used too, that advise to preheat the BBQ for 8 to 10 minutes.

Leaving our BBQ’s without food on the plate for 8 to 10 minutes will overheat the unit causing the valves to shut off the gas supply.

If you want low heat, simply turn one burner off or turn both down to low.

However if you find that if it is consistently too hot for your use, you can purchase smaller gas jets to decrease the amount of heat.

Seasoning the Hotplates

Before using your new BBQ “season the Hot Plate!

Your BBQ has a 3mm 443 Stainless steel Hot Plate which is designed for calibrated heat distribution! To Season the plate: Cover the Hot Plate entirely in Cooking Oil (not Olive oil as it has a low flash point). Turn BBQ on and heat till oil starts to smoke. Turn BBQ off and cover plate in rock salt, using a padded cloth (so you don’t burn your fingers) rub the salt into the grain of the stainless steel. Rinse with water, your BBQ is now ready for use.

How do I use my barbecue as an oven?

To Use your BBQ as an Oven, you will need to use the optional cooking rack!

Do not try to BAKE food on the HOT PLATE

  1. Remove the Hot plate
  2. Place Cooking rack in BBQ over Burners
  3. Place the Baking Dish to the Rear of the BBQ
  4. Turn the Front Burner to LOW!
  5. Very important Keep the Back Burner off!!!

It is important that you keep your baking dish away from direct flame

Once you have installed the cooking rack you can leave it in the barbecue as the hot plates are designed to fit over the cooking rack and burners.

What is the best way to clean my barbecue?

It is best to wipe your barbecue after each use, while it is still warm, to prevent grease build-up. Line the fat/drip tray with aluminium foil then dispose of aluminium foil after every few uses, when it is cold.

If your barbecue does get particularly dirty, you can use an oven cleaner but DO NOT USE ON THE LABELS.

How can I mount the barbecue on my boat?

Our barbecues are designed to fit any boat. There are many simple and versatile options including:

  • Rail Mounts – straight rail or curved rail
  • Flush Deck Mounts
  • Rod Holder Mounts

Refer to mounting options information on each model’s page for more details.