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What if my BBQ won’t stay alight?

If you have the New Sizzler BBQ with the flame failure device installed and BBQ will not stay alight.

You need to check the Thermocoupler’s, (brass pointed Heat Probes) these are attached to the gas burners and can sometimes move in transit.

Loosen the screw on the thermocouple and make sure it is about 3-4mm away from the burner and above a gas hole

The “Thermocoupler” needs to be in the flame to heat up to keep the BBQ alight.

What is the best way to clean my barbecue?

It is best to wipe your barbecue after each use, while it is still warm, to prevent grease build-up. Line the fat/drip tray with aluminium foil then dispose of aluminium foil after every few uses, when it is cold.

If your barbecue does get particularly dirty, you can use an oven cleaner but DO NOT USE ON THE LABELS.

How do I use my barbecue as an oven?

You will need to use the optional cooking rack. Remove the hotplate then replace with the cooking rack, making sure you have the hole in the rack at the front to allow for the fat tube on the Sizzler. Once you have installed the cooking rack you can leave it in the barbecue as the hot plates are designed to fit over the cooking rack and burners.

Very Important! When using the cooking rack use the front burner only, keeping items to the rear of the barbecue and away from direct flames. Place food to be roasted in a baking dish not directly onto cooking rack.

How can I mount the barbecue on my boat?

Our barbecues are designed to fit any boat. There are many simple and versatile options including:

  • Rail Mounts – straight rail or curved rail
  • Flush Deck Mounts
  • Rod Holder Mounts

Refer to mounting options information on each model’s page for more details.

How can I control the heat on my barbecue?

All of the Marine Barbecues Australia have a minimum of two separate burners and control valves giving you maximum control with minimal fuss.

If the barbecue is too hot, simply turn one burner off or turn both down to low.

We have designed the barbecues to have plenty of heat, knowing that often they are being used in a harsh environment. However if you find that if it is consistently too hot for your use, we can send you new gas jets to decrease the amount of heat.